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Pure Latex Bliss

Pure Latex Bliss

Experience the cushioning support of these all-latex mattresses and you'll never want to sleep on anything else. Talalay Latex gently lifts your body, instead of allowing you to sink, offering more support than any other mattress available. This lift relieves sore muscles and cushions pressure points, reducing tossing and turning and ensuring a deep night's sleep.

Pure Latex Bliss mattresses are made from all natural, non-synthetic materials. Unlike memory foam, these mattresses have a breathable design and cell structure that ensures a temperature-neutral environment. Hypoallergenic, with no off-gassing; antibacterial and anti-fungal. Additionally, the natural composition of latex ensures that Pure Latex Bliss mattresses are extremely durable and comprised of the most resilient materials available in a mattress.

Combine with Pure Latex Bliss toppers for extra plushness to create the ultimate sleep experience.

Pure Latex Bliss All Natural Talalay Beautiful Mattress $3099.00

Pure Latex Bliss All Natural Talaylay Nature Mattress $2199.00

Pure Latex Bliss All Natural Talaylay Pamper Mattress $1599.00

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