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Keetsa Tea Leaf Contour Pillow

starting at $82.95

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Perfectly shaped to cradle your head and support your neck. The Keetsa Tea Leaf Contour Pillow was created using a specific production process where each pillow is individually molded into the contour shape. From the very beginning, it was only intended to be a contour pillow and nothing else. Most of the other contour pillows you’ll find on the market today are mass produced and machine-cut with large band saws.

Contour Shape Benefits: The center saddle of the pillow is designed to cradle your head while the two mounds support your neck. Taller people use the higher mound (5”) under their neck while shorter people use the smaller mound (4”). Experiment to find the perfect solution for you. Some customers have reported that the contour shape gives them a pressure-free, floating sensation and allows them sleep in one position all night long.

Natural Ingredient: The pillow is protected with EverGreen™ odor control, made from real green tea extract. Naturally hypo-allergenic.

The Cover: Washable Jacquard fabric with tea leaf imprint. (Unzip to wash cover; do not wash the memory foam pillow itself.)

Other Key Facts: The memory foam in the Keetsa Tea Leaf Contour Pillow is made from high density (4.5-pounds) memory foam. This density is 50% more dense than ordinary memory foam which means it is more supple and responsive to your body’s weight, shape and temperature.

Dimensions: Standard Size (20” x 15” x 5”/4”)

Free Delivery: We will ship your order free of charge to the 48 contiguous states. Please contact us if your shipping address is outside of these states, and would like to get quote on the shipping cost. Please allow up to 7-10 days for delivery.

Price with Options Selected - $82.95


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